About Tim

Business and community leadership are Tim Linger’s most important life tenets. When it comes to business, Tim strives for productivity with a “get it done yesterday” mentality and an optimistic world-view. Be great at what you do and be great to everyone is a mantra for Tim. With over 20 years of experience in the reverse mortgage arena, Tim has served as President of HECM Association and CEO of HECM Senior Home Financing.

HECM Association

A non-profit school for REALTORS based in Orlando, FL. We conduct CE classes for boards (and individuals) across the state of Florida!

HECM Senior Home Financing

A mortgage broker that specializes in the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage--FHA's safe type of reverse mortgage. Contact us for more information, without any obligation!

Getting More Info

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More About Tim's Personal Life

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