Right-Size your Retirement Home at “Half Cost”

Perhaps, the home that you are currently in isn’t your perfect home. Perhaps, it isn’t on a golf course or lake. Maybe, you wanted a pool home, but it wasn’t in your budget at the time of your purchase?

Now is the time to look into the Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) relatively new loan program available since 2009. Interestingly enough, most REALTORS® and especially seniors (aged 62+) don’t know about the HECM, which is too bad – because the FHA’s Home Equity Conversion Mortgage or HECM is the best loan since the reverse mortgage refinance was introduced nearly 30 years ago in 1989.  The HECM home loan is different than a reverse mortgage, which was used to refinance and never to purchase a home. The HECM is for the purchase of your retirement home – with just about a 50% or 60% down payment – the home is yours!

The HECM is a government insured loan that is safe and has no required monthly mortgage payments for the lifetime of the senior homeowners – as long as it is the primary home, and property charges are paid, such as homeowner’s insurance and property taxes.

Imagine selling your current house, using the cash to put just over 50% down on your next residence thus right-sizing your new retirement home, and having optional monthly mortgage payments?

As a professional REALTOR®, who specializes in helping seniors have a better retirement lifestyle using the HECM For Home Purchase, you can contact me at ___________________________ for answers to how this wonderful FHA loan program will work for you.

Also visit:  www.HalfCostHomes.com for more information.