History: is the outcome of a small charitable organization that would not allow limited resources to interfere with it’s goals. In the spring of 2002, Tim Linger of the Senior Education Foundation wanted to conduct a fundraiser. However, event planning can be overwhelmingly time consuming for a small agency and the production costs alone can break a charity.

Tim Linger approached Tinker Cooper, who possessed an equal passion for her agency. He proposed that with unity, cooperation, and shared connections, the fundraiser would be half the work, they could double the size of the event and raise about the same amount of funds for each of their agencies.  Together they created a vision:  By cooperating, it would be possible to raise more funds with less effort.

The vision quickly turned nearly two dozen non-profits into Founders of  Through the assistance of Jenelle and JoEllen Taylor of Society Benefits, the first annual event was appropriately called “911 For Charities” — named after the emergency funding needs of all local non-profits that suffered as a result of monies being diverted to New York and the recession that followed. With over 2,300 people in attendance at the TD Waterhouse Center, the September 11, 2003 event had grown to be the best and largest collaborating fundraising event of small non-profits that Central Florida had ever seen. 

Purpose: is exactly what the name implies; we are a Charity for Charities.  The Mission of C4C is “To assist local charities in raising funds through awareness, cooperation and unity”.

Design: promotes harmony, networking, collaboration and leadership, coast to coast, in Central Florida. currently pays no rent, utilities or salaries. With each event having minimal overhead, nearly 100% of funds raised are funneled back into partnering agencies.  C4C member agencies benefit by having less work, fewer production costs, more exposure and, ultimately, raise more funds - through collaboration and unity. 

To be “Central Florida’s non-profit collaboration bank” with a membership list exceeding 50 agencies in 2006.  To continue to have the grandest of all gala’s , “911 For Charities”, each September.  To assist in the raising of millions of dollars for local charities.   

CHARITYforCHARITIES.orgagencies benefit when partnering with one another on grants and fundraisers throughout the year with increased current and future exposure for the non-profit as well as enjoying the FUN in fundraising!  There are currently neither application or membership fees nor minimum requirements to become a member of  

NOTE:  The C4C agency dissolved in 2006 before the 4th annual event was held due to Tim’s resignation as the President and Director.  This decision to resign was not taken lightly but Tim had a new wife and a career that needing attention (i.e. Tim was promoted to Area Sales VP with his bank).


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