Security One Lending (S1L) has partnered with the American Continuing Education Institute (ACEI) and has created a joint educational system to teach The National Association of Realtors’ 1.2 million members about the reverse mortgage and how it can impact their business using the HECM for Purchase.  Locally, we offer live three-hour CE classes that are completely sponsored by S1L.
(no charge to the attending Realtors).

Very good - Thank you so much!

Mary C. Hall

Seahall Properties

Course was very informative to me.

Lloyd Demetrius

Demetrius Real Estate, LLC

Very informative seminar, Thank you!

Mark Koury

Smart Solutions Realty, LLC

I learned something positive for people (like me) - Boomers - that can help our quality of life.

Nancy Dipasqua

Prudential Results Realty

I will use this information for a few customers, very informative.

Anamaria Nolan

Dave Lowe Realty

It was wonderful meeting all of you this morning.  Great subject, beautifully presented and a very open, professional crew.

Jackie Neumann of Venture Gate Real Estate  

Very good seminar, Thank you!

Arlene Cowan

Florida Realty Investments

Enjoyed this course.

Bienvenido Abiles

Vacation Home Store

Extremely informative – I am excited!

Cheri Hartman

Dave Lowe Realty  

Great Information!

Diogo Esteves

Florida Conexion Realty  

This class is very informative

Ruth Aquino 

Keller Williams

“The Purchase Reverse Mortgage product may very well be the ‘Sleeping Giant’ of the senior real estate market”, said Michael Banner-Founder, of American C.E. Institute. “Record low rates of returns on CDs, annuities and savings—vehicles commonly used by seniors—combined with record losses in their investment portfolios in recent years have created the ‘perfect storm’ for so many seniors in this great nation. Realtors having the ability to offer a mortgage product with ‘no monthly principal & interest payment’ may just be the answer to literally millions of those seniors.”

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