"The experience with Tim Linger was professional and pleasant, no problems.  Everything went smoothly" 


- Florette I. Lawrence

“Tim was very professional and explained every step in the process in a way that we could understand. Thank you!”

- Jose & Clara Layrisse

“Mr. Linger gave me excellent service.  He was ready with any questions about my Reverse Mortgage, and followed through with good attention to detail.”

-Jim Westmoreland


"This process can be confusing at times, and good solid and accurate advice is very important to an applicant- and you sure delivered! Thank you again.”

-Brian Toal Summerfield, FL


“Tim Linger is very up to date on Reverse Mortgages!  He knows what he’s talking about.  His help was wonderful! Besides being very wise, he is a very nice guy!  He is clear and understanding of why you need a Reverse Mortgage.”

-L.C, Orlando, Fl


“I worked with Tim Linger on the Reverse Mortgage on my home.  I found Mr. Linger to be very responsive to my needs, he always returned my phone calls promptly.  He was extremely helpful and acted in a personal and professional way.  I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking financial help.”

-Nick Urso, Deland, FL  

“We are very glad we chose Tim Linger to assist us with our reverse mortgage.  He not only assisted us, he seemed to take a personal interest in seeing that we were able to secure our reverse mortgage.  We were very pleased and happy with his assistance.”

-Cecil Howe, Leesburg, FL


Thanks for the GREAT JOB... We have our money and off to _______ (not going to say) haha. Anyway, thanks for all your EXTRA effort - and FINALLY unbelievably YOU got the job done ...and well done, my friend.  The lady that came out was VERY professional in our closing.  Thank you.  We will always be appreciative to you through all your efforts for allowing us to experience our retirement that we had planned.  Please call anytime.  Let's go have a beer together...MY TREAT

Very sincerely,  

Bill & Linda, Vero Beach

“Doing business with Tim Linger during our Reverse Mortgage transaction was truly a pleasure.  He was so well informed and easy to understand. When we needed to speak with him- he was always there to answer our questions.  At our closing, the closing agent was very impressed with Tim and his experience and knowledge of Reverse Mortgages.  We were extremely pleased doing business with Tim, and would not hesistate to recommend him. Thanks Tim!”

-Leslie & Judy B, The Villages, FL


Dear Tim,

 Liz and I were very pleased with the ease of obtaining a Reverse Mortgage loan with Security 1 Lending.  Every step of the process beginning with the application to the closing was done in our home with Tim explaining everything in detail.  The whole event was also completed in about 30 days, which seemed quite timely to us.  If you are even thinking about a reverse mortgage, please call Tim and give him the opportunity to explain how you can be mortgage free and live in your own home for the rest of your life.

-Bruce & Liz Nelson


First of all, we must start by saying that Tim really made us feel like we were long lost friends; we had so much in common.  He’s really a people person and knows how to break the ice.  Tim made us feel at ease and comfortable around him.  You know the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually isn’t.”  Well Tim very quickly put our souls at ease again.  He was assertive, but not pushy.  He was very knowledgeable, informative, and got our attention and confidence.  He did not use high pressure tactics either, he was very honest.  As a whole, we had a very good experience and would surely recommend him to others in the future.  We are now enjoying the benefits of our Reverse Mortgage just like he assured us.

-F. Johnson


I highly recommend Tim Linger to anyone who is interested in financial help.  Mr. Lingers expert knowledge of the Reverse Mortgage process, as well as being most understanding of my financial needs and fears, helped me to succeed at my retirement plan.   Why even my little dogs, Button and Scooter liked him right from the start!  Because of  Tim's help, we get to stay in our home.

      - ML Tulibacki


Dear Tim,

I would like to thank you so much in assisting me throught my reverse mortgage application and processing.  My questions were answered thoroughly and in terms that were easily understood.  The entire process was swift and smooth.  I am now a senior- retired R.N!  I understand how our veterans feel. Again, thank you for helping me to the next phase of my life.

Reather M.


My experience with Tim met all my expectations.  Tim is very knowledgeable and a very loving person.  Tim is always there for you to help you with any questions you may have on your mind.  It takes a thoughtful individual like you, Tim, to help others in their time of greatest need.


I worked with Tim Linger in getting the reverse mortgage.  He is very helpful and was able to take care of any problems that sprang up and thereby sped up the closing process.  I would definitely recommend Tim Linger as your source for getting your own reverse mortgage.

- Ray E Burris


Tim, allow me to be quite frank and tell you about our experience.  The visit from you was definintely a learning experience as well as informative.  After you explained how the reverse mortgage worked, we understood a lot better than from other banks with whom we inquired.  Today we are settled in relaxing, relieved the process is over and behind us.  Our goals are finally completed as promised to our creditors.  We appreciate everything you did and would work with you again or recommend your services to others.

- Tom & Pat Roberts


Tim Linger is a master in his field. When Mr. Linger dealt with me for my reverse mortgage, first he let me feel at home with him, secondly he took me by the hand and showed and explained to me in detail the whole operation and benefits of the reverse mortgage. He never got tired, never got despondent, never  showed an attitude, or couldn’t be bothered in spite my never ending questioning and hesitation. He is very charming, witty and tactful. He was like a diplomat always striking a balance between his employer and client.

- Altie P.


It has been my pleasure to have worked with you in completing my reverse mortgage.  You made me feel, from day one, that I can (and should) be a part of this FHA program.  

My son Howard was also pleased because you kept him informed along the way.  You helped me complete all the required papers and sent him copies read and understand.  You represented your company with 100% professionalism, and I am grateful to now be one of your clients.

Thank you again, Tim 

-Rita Wanamaker

“Mr. Linger gave me excellent service. He was ready with any questions about my Reverse Mortgage, and followed through with good attention to detail.”

-Jim Westmoreland  386-490-5553


Hi Tim,  Thank you for all things you did for me, you're a very nice and pleasant Gentleman ,it was great doing business with you, 

Take Care, Frank.

“Dear Tim, It was a pleasure doing business with you.  There are not many people today that you can completely trust.  I would strongly recommend him to anyone.  If you would like to talk to me about my experience with Tim, feel free to call me at (352) 821-9759”

-Bob Spaulding, Weirsdale, FL


"When we discovered an advertisement in a local realty magazine, we inquired who to contact for further information. We contacted Tim Linger for a meeting.  He was most helpful in describing the program in detail and gave us the paper work for approval.  The whole process was just a matter of weeks and we were able to complete our transaction to purchase a lovely home. 

We would highly recommend anyone wishing to take advantage of this program. 


- Laura & Dave L, Lakeland, FL 

"I was very pleased with Tim and his closer.  Everything went well after he took over my account.  Thanks so much for all your help!" 

- Joan Johnson

"I was more than happy with your handling my reverse mortgage account. As you know my son, Howard, is a Navy Captain & he also would refer any of his would refer any of his navy employes to you for a reverse mortgage. Its been the best for me being a widow. You were more than helpful with my mortgage and will also refer to you as a friend."  

- Rita & Healy Wanamaker

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"My experience working with Tim Linger for my reverse mortgage was very positive.  Tim is very professional and personable.  He was able to help me to fully understand what a reverse mortgage is and it's benefits.  Tim was prompt in returning my calls & emails and answering all my questions along the way.  I always felt he had my best interest at heart.  I was very grateful to have worked with him and I am so lad that I got my reverse mortgage."             

                                                                                                                           C. Warren, Altamonte Springs, Florida